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ULS offers products and services to the general industry, providing effective coating solutions and professional advice that result in the corrosion protection of the customer's assets, which means an increase of productivity and lifespan of the materials, equipment, and industrial facilities.

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100% Epoxy Coating.


Our products provide cost-effective anti-corrosion solutions. We provide technical documentation with recommendations on applications and we offer long-term protection in tough conditions.

Designed to last

  • Maximize productivity and production rates.
  • Extend the lifespan of the pipeline, reducing the corrosion to the minimum.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.

Pipeline Coating

UPC provides solutions for corrosion protection flow assurance and cost effectiveness. As a technology leader and a strategic partner to our customers, we are exploring several areas and trialing various special-ized applications. The main tasks for the pipeline transportation are fail-safe, timely, profitable and environmentally safe oil and gas products delivery without quantity and quality losses. Pipeline assets need long-term protection in demanding conditions where the costs of failure are extreme. UPC is commit-ted to the plant pipe-coating industry and offers the products, services, experience and technical support to help minimize most plant-applied coating and maintenance costs.





Fabrication & induction bends


Girth welds


Slip bores & directional drilling

Valves & fittings

Compressor & meter stations

Sewage lines


Steel surface preparation and conditioning prior to coating is the single most critical step in obtaining proper results. Specific recommendations on applications can be found in our technical manual.

Industrial Coating

UPC has a wide range of products for industrial applications, protecting against extreme abrasion and chemical changes. The fortification and corrosion protection of storage tanks, dams & penstock, swage lines, railway, and treatment plants are also part of our products.


Meeting international standards and providing solutions to the toughest conditions, UPC industrial coatings are contributing to present achievements in the industry worldwide through excellent products and customer service.





Dams & penstocks

Oil & gas

Pulp & paper


Treatment plants

Marine Coating

Marine paints and coatings are applied to commercial and military ships (for both salt and fresh water), fixed and floating marine structures such as offshore oil rigs, and recreational boats and yachts. Included are passenger ships, freighters, tankers, container ships, fishing boats and ferries, as well as oil rigs, inland waterway ships, barges and tow boats.


UPC marine coatings are designed with particular functionality properties to best protect and preserve the surfaces to which they are applied. Specific areas of marine vessels and yachts require specially formulated marine coatings for use above and below the waterline.





Ship hulls

Ship decks


Ballasts & tanks


Other marine needs

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For more information see our detailed Coating brochure below, where you can find detailed specification.

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