Desert to Sea

ULS is an enterprise running on petroleum and gas explorations, developments and technical services for oil projects. Over the years, we have gained a reputation of excellence and value in the field, no matter the weather or geographical environment, from sea to desert and everywhere in between.

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Masts Open Face

Compound Transmission Unit


Crown Blocks


Bootstrap Masts


Rotary Tables

Mud Pump

Draw Works

Eddy Current


Traveling Blocks



With an exploration and construction team for the petroleum department, ULS aids companies in all sectors or the industry and strives to become an internationally recognized oil service and engineering company. Our team also hold the accreditation of the American Petroleum Institute (API).


Services & Equipments

Drilling Equipment

Technicians on Drilling

Geological Log

Geophysical Log

Oil Well Completion

Research and Explorations of the Oil and Gas field

Testing work for Oil FieldConstructions and Design.

Personalized for clients

Our competitiveness relies on a personalized advisory for our clients, the excellent quality in the manufacture of our products, a safe and adequate distribution of our equipments and a full, detailed the technical documentation that supports our certifications.


For more information see our detailed Drilling brochure below, where you can find detailed specification.

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