Heat Exchanger

Thermal Experts

Our ULS group of experts in thermal and mechanical design works in the manufacture of all types of heat exchangers, such as capacitors, evaporators and boilers, among others, manufactured using the adequate design tools and calculation of thermal efficiency.

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High Standards

All our equipments are manufactured in compliance with the applicable standards: TEMA, ASME, CODAP, ADM, JIS, RTOD.


Personalized Solution

The personalized advice to our customers allows us to determine the heat exchanger that suits best the design and construction in each thermodynamic application. If our wide range of standard products do not offer a suitable solution for the required application, ULS will work on customizing solutions in order to guarantee excellent results.


Range of Heat Exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers

Bolted plate heat exchangers

Welded plates heat exchangers

Oil/air cooler units

Electric oil preheaters

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For more information see our detailed Heat Exchanger brochure below, where you can find detailed specification.

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